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HIDA – Himalayan Institute of Digital Arts – is a state-of-the-art institute for animation in Shimla that works with a vision to foster creativity and ingenuity in the minds of youth. Pioneered by design professionals with an extensive experience, HIDA is a home-grown school of digital learning for students. Our aim is to nurture their skill sets with a practical training which meets industry-standards.

HIDA offers you various short as well as long term specialized courses in various digital domains including Animation, Visual Effects, Film Making, Graphics and Visual Design – all under one roof. With an expert faculty, veteran teachers and modern facilities our goal is to familiarize our students with different approaches to art and design and learn the same technical standard technology in the classroom that you will implement in the workplace


Our vision is to provide a sustainable learning environment where students of all ages can have an access to affordable professional courses in their own place without having to venture out to cities where the burden of massive fee structures and expenses can become a hindrance in their training.

At HIDA, students are exposed to real-life art and design challenges and we help them in finding the best strategic solutions. Our mission is to help our students in jump-starting their career by making relevant connections, developing a strong skill set and a professional portfolio.

HIDA has a reputation for quality education – that’s why we attract highly qualified academics and educational leaders from different disciplines. You’ll learn from academic staff who not only have a ton of industry experience but also valuable industry networks to shape our curriculum and provide fantastic career pathways.

Among students, we focus on developing their own artistic vision. The skills like storyboarding, 2D/3D animation and rendering visual effects that will help them realise their vision into reality.


Providing top-notch learning facilities within an affordable range, HIDA is an urban lab where strong fundamentals of design methodology meet a practical approach to learning.

Whether you are looking for opportunities to accelerate your design career or set up your own design studio, our unique courses help you in excelling in all facets of the design industry. Our programs are designed to help you take the reins of your career in your own hands.

Professionally Designed Curriculums

At HIDA, you get a first-hand experience of its interdisciplinary learning approach that helps you in building a secure future. Various courses and programs are formulated to provide you with an environment conducive to an interactive learning experience.

While our professionally designed &job oriented programs allow you to explore and breakthrough creative obstacles as a digital artist and designer, regular constructive feedback from your teachers help you in polishing your skills further.

Centrally Located

Being a bustling town in the undulating Himalayas, Shimla town is a major hub for tourism and many educational institutions. With a major part of its population being young and drawn to digital media, there has been an increasing demand for schools that help them hone their professional skills besides academics, be it hospitality, culinary, photography, or design.

HIDA provides a springboard for a career in design and is centrally located in the main suburb of the city of Shimla – in Sanjauli.

Sanjauli is situated at a distance of 8 kms from the main Shimla town but it also accessible from main Shimla by another path which comes through Lakkar Bazaar bus stand. It is also accessible on foot from Mall Road Shimla through IGMC which takes 25-30 minutes on a leisurely walk.

Sanjauli is home to the Center of Excillence Government College Sanjauli and stands close to the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital. Navbhar is another near – walkable place which is the location of the St.Bede’s College, Shimla and Convent of Jesus and Mary school.

Placement Assistance

Keeping in mind the skill standards of the modern era, professionally designed programs at our institute for animation in Shimla focus on fundamental and practical training which can help you in getting placed as soon as you pass.

Our excellent faculty, modern infrastructure, experience with on- ground projects via interactive class assignments and work-oriented learning makes our curriculum a unique one where students get personal attention and an environment of technology-infused learning which can prepare them for their careers.

Yashwant Kumar

(Pre-Production Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Filmmaker)
After finishing graduation with the fine arts, Yashwant started learning animation, digital designing, and film production. He later found that learning art skills on a digital platform was a good decision in itself and it was also needed for new-age skills.

Back in 2011, he started working full-time in a multinational company as a pre-production artist and designer. As time passed, his film career also progressed and filmmaking gave him a new identity as an artist. After almost 8 years of designing and filmmaking experience, Yashwant felt that it is necessary to bring some new career opportunities for the students coming from the small towns (he himself is from a small hill town) . This brought the idea of starting HIDA to his mind.

He discussed the idea with some of his friends and they also liked it. They started with a few workshops and seminars in nearby schools & colleges to make them aware of avant-garde skills like animation, digital art, filmmaking, etc. and explained to them about its importance.

In 2019 they officially launched the Himalayan Institute of Digital Arts to partner with the “National Skill Development Council” and the Media and Entertainment Sill Council.

Our aim is to recognize our talent in its place and our effort is to improve the level of the institution in every aspect.

Mridul Surbhi

(Visual Story Teller / Writer)
She has been associated with HIDA and its conceptual idea, since she first started acting for short films. Mridul came to realize that the gravity of a digital product like films and advertisement rests on the creative insight of the post production team.

And this area fascinated her to no bounds, as digital arts gave the perfect platform to blend her creativity with latest tools, techniques and technology.There is no limit to her potential and growth.

Another reason she believes in the aim and goals of HIDA is because she is an educator herself. She says that youth seek out more than what traditional streams of academics have to offer and if the market has demand then someone must also take the responsibility of preparing a workforce. Mridul feels proud to be associated with HIDA, who has taken the task to produce top notch graphic designers, 3D artists, Animators, Filmmakers and other allied professionals.

One does not have to leave Himachal to pursue digital arts anymore, the best education and exposure from certified teachers is right here!

Sunil Azad

(3D Designer / Visualizer)
It sounds odd and it is odd if someone from the pharmacy domain takes up a career in digital arts. Sunil’s wonderful journey of art started after he completed bachelor degree in pharmacy. He always wanted to be an artist and a creator of things that fascinates others.

After running from different art mediums and trying to study them, digital art is the refuge he found. What he found most interesting with digital art is the freedom to do a variety of things that we cannot do otherwise. We can paint, draw, animate, sculpt and even create music without need of a physical instrument. This opened up the endless possibilities for him.

Sunil has been working in the digital art industry for more than 7 years now. He has been to different places, explored different working environments and found that what HIDA is doing was different and unconventional. Having a separate identity as a firm and giving hard competition to other educational giants of the same field is itself a huge achievement at the early stages.

Sunil joined HIDA because of this unconventional nature. He says, “We have so much talent but very little guidance in Himachal. HIDA is that guide, a pathfinder and a guru that a talent seeks. The atmosphere that HIDA is creating will give rise to countless super talented people.”

His association with HIDA is a way to create jobs for the students who are studying at HIDA so they don’t have to leave their homes in search of it. HIDA is developing artists of the future in various fields such as graphic design, visual effects, animation, 3D design and many more. He is helping those students to realise the true meaning for their studies.

Siddharth Chauhan

(Independent Filmmaker, Writer, Director)
Siddarth makes films because he wants to share his world with others. He started making films in 2013, which is also when he founded Secret Corridor Pictures – with an aim of creating an atmosphere where like-minded people could collaborate and create great art together.

He collaborated with HIDA for several films and professional projects. He says that working with the HIDA team has been the most gratifying experience in his journey.

“I am very fortunate to be involved with an institute like this, in our very own state and town. HIDA is a place where each person is truly given an environment to bloom and freedom to expand beyond imagination. I feel HIDA is the most underestimated Academic Institution in Shimla and it will soon prove to be the most relevant value addition in the academic and professional development of the youth in Himachal” – Siddarth.

Affiliated with Media & Entertainment Skill Council

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