Himalayan Institute of Digital Arts – is a state-of-the-art institute for digital art and design in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh that works with a vision to foster creativity and ingenuity in the minds of youth. Pioneered by design professionals with an extensive experience, HIDA is a home-grown school of digital learning for students. Our aim is to nurture their skill sets with a practical training which meets industry-standards. HIDA offers various short as well as long term specialized courses in various digital domains including Animation, Visual Effects, Film Making, Graphics and Visual Design – all under one roof. With an expert faculty, veteran teachers and modern facilities our goal is to familiarize our students with different approaches to art and design and learn the same technical standard technology in the classroom that you will implement in the workplace.

our vision

Our vision is to provide a sustainable learning environment where students of all ages can have an access to affordable professional courses in their own place without having to venture out to cities where the burden of massive fee structures and expenses can become a hindrance in their training.

Our mission

At HIDA, students are exposed to real-life art and design challenges and we help them in finding the best strategic solutions. We focus on developing student’s own artistic vision. Skills like storyboarding, digital design, animation, visual effects, etc. will help them realize their vision into reality. Our mission is to help our students jump-starting their careers by making relevant connections, developing a strong skill set and a professional portfolio.


At HIDA, you get a first-hand experience of its interdisciplinary learning approach that helps you in building a secure future. Various courses and programs are formulated to provide you with an environment conducive to an interactive learning experience. Providing top-notch learning facilities within an affordable range, HIDA is an urban lab where strong fundamentals of design methodology meet a practical approach to learning. Whether you are looking for opportunities to accelerate your career in digital art & design or set up your own design studio, our unique courses help you in excelling in all facets of the design industry.

Professionally Designed Curriculums
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Meet our passionate team

experts from different domains who are always available to guide you for your multifaceted growth


(Pre-Production Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Cinematographer)


(Visual Story Teller / Writer)

Ashutosh Shaktan

 (Documentary Photographer, Visual Story Teller)


(Independent Filmmaker, Writer, Director)

Neha Sharma

(user experience & user interface designer & developer)