Foundation Course in Digital Art & Design

Course Overview

Students who are looking to enhance their artistic skills and to make a good hold in digital production or a related field with a well-rounded portfolio HIDA’s Art & Digital Design Course is a perfect fit for your interest and passion.

You’ll learn from the experts and have access to techniques and processes used within art and design across a wide range of creative mediums.

Start Date

Nov. 2022


8 months



Fee (Easy Monthly Instalments)

58,000 INR

Course Modules-13

01 Basic Fundamentals of Drawing

In this module, students learn about the basic fundamentals of drawing including expressing value, shadows, shading, use of basic shapes and forms,perspective study and composition techniques. Students focus on developing sketching and illustration techniques oriented to big production houses and design studios. This module is a foundation of learning methods of visual art and concepts.

02 Life Drawing

In this module, students are taught about drawing human anatomy, starts with human face, facial features, expressions up-to a fully-proportional human figure using the sketching skills learned in the previous module.

03 Gesture Drawing / Speed Drawing

This module is a continuation of Life Drawing, focusing on the expression and gesture in the human figure. Students practice to learn about the various gestures of humans as well as expressions. This module will also cover the rapid drawings/sketching for story-driven projects.

04 Animal & Creature Drawing

This module is dedicated to studying / drawing animal anatomy. Students will learn to draw a variety of animals and get familiar with the basic illustration techniques, and dynamic form and gesture.

05 Entering in Digital Production with Photoshop

This module starts with an introduction of the interface and tools of Adobe Photoshop. Through lectures, demonstrations, and exercises, students learn tools for photo retouching, color correction, use of layers and making selections, image manipulation, and compositing. Students will learn the ability to create and utilize advanced photo manipulation and image editing techniques.

06 Color and Light

This module introduces about the fundamentals of light and color. Students will learn and practice the topics such as types of light, role of light in compositions, patterns, shadows, and atmospheric perspective both traditional and digital platforms. This module will also cover the colortheory and making color schemes, color harmonies and atmospheric principles. Regular learning and practicing in the foundation of colorand light provides students ability to expand their sense in visual art techniques.

07 Digital Painting

This module is focused to bring student’s artistic skills to digital platforms. Students use their art expertise in the form of digital painting while working on variety of subjects using both traditional and digital methods.
Emphasis is placed on storytelling, painting technique, and the ability to complete finished pieces. Students will explore various methods of painting through homework assignments and work toward theme based projects.

08 Clay Modelling

This module is the foundation of 3D modelling. The student will learn basic traditional sculpting and clay modelling techniques. It is an essential part of learning the foundations of 3D design. Students will be provided with raw material to work on clay models.

09 3D Design / Modelling

In this module students will get familiar with 3D workspace and learn the 3D design procedure with using widely used software in the industry. Student will also focus on various techniques of 3D modelling which will be used in upcoming modules.

10 Character Design

This module is focused on process of character design. How to develop a character from start to finish, going through multiple stages, developing a story based character, characteristics etc. will be covered.

11 Props Design

This module explores the design methods used to build conceptual props. Students will sketch the basic concept of props such as weapons, armours, game assets etc. and learn to transform them on digital platform.

12 Concept Art

This module is focused on the processes used to develop concept art.Students will research and developvisual representation which tells a story or conveys a certain look. In-class demonstrations and lectures on the topics and software used to establish conceptual art will help the students to level up their skills.

13 Matte Painting / Environment Design

This module covers digital matte painting ideas and its techniques. Student will learn to create a visual representation of landscape, set or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment.

Softwares Covered
Adobe photoshop CC
Adobe Illustrator
Substance Painter
Z Brush
Career Opportunities
  • Sketching Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Digital/ Matte Painter
  • Props Designer
  • Organic / Inorganic 3D Modeller


Foundation Course in Digital Art & Design

One can opt for this course who is looking explore and enhance art skills in digital mediums and want to make a good hold in digital production. One will learn and access the techniques and processes used within art and design across a wide range of creative mediums.The course includes 8 months of classes, course material (online and offline resources), and certification of completion.

Duration of this course is 8 months, course duration can be increase depending on the final submission of the portfolio.

There are various software and skills you will learn in this course like sketching, digital/matte painting, 3D modelling, clay modelling, character design etc. and you can opt one topic/field for specialization or portfolio making.

The fees is 60,000/- INR. Fee structure of all programs vary depending on the duration of the course, opting specialization in particular field, change in course structure or software and applying through different scholarship programs. For more information you are free to contact official no. of the institute or can write us at

A course module timeline and timetable will be shared with you. Before beginning, the classes, online and some offline learning resources will also be shared with you.

Yes, we do provide free career counselling and demo session for each course before starting any short term or long-term course. For that, you need to register by filling the Free demo session form at the end of each curriculum.

HIDA is accredited with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) We are affiliated with Media & Entertainment Skill Council and the Curriculum is designed as per the Qualification Pack of MESC.

Yes, there is both online as well as offline mode of classes.

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