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Foundation Photography Course in HP

Photography Course Overview

Turn your passion into a career. At the Himalayan Institute of Digital Arts, you have every opportunity and resource to advance your passion into a finished body of work. Join our Photography Course in Himachal Pradesh and learn from a faculty of working professionals to begin your new adventure today.

Our 3 Months certificate program provides students with a disciplined approach to the study of Photography. This Course covers everything from foundation level photography to understanding compositional issues, color and light and goes all the way to digital photo editing and photo manipulation. Student portfolios will demonstrate the variety of skills and creativity developed.

Course Module

Introduction of Digital Photography

An overview and explanation of what a good workflow in Photography looks like.

History & Evolution of Photography

A deeper Philosophy and understanding of Photography evolution and its history.

Anatomy of DSLR Cameras & their Uses

Understanding how your camera worksand what camera to buy and how that choice affects your photographs.

Types of Lenses and their Uses

Lenses are one of the most important considerations in photography. The lens you choose for each shot can dramatically change your results. its best to know how all the types work so you can make more informed decisions as a photographer in various situations.

Three Pillars of Photography

Understanding how the Exposure Triangle works,Learn to control these three settings which are vital to achieving a properly exposed photograph.One of the most important photography fundamental.

Camera setting for various light conditions

Setting up your camera for various daylight conditions such as Blue Hour, Golden Hour, etc.

Composition & Good Framing Techniques

Technical skills will help your photos to be sharp and well exposed but for capturing interesting photographs things like composition, framing, and playing with light will help you to improve your photographs dramatically.

Knowledge of Light

Photography is all about capturing light. In this topic we will understand how light plays a key role in capturing successful images.

Landscape, People’s, Street Photography

Documenting people in their everyday environment, exploring different genre of photography.

Abstract, Low Light, Experimental Photography

Thoughtfully and creatively composing some challenging experimental shots.

Editing & Fixing Photos with Lightroom and Photoshop

This topic will cover the knowledge and skills on how to organize your photos better and more effectively, all the basic understandings of photo editing and fixing photo error that you need in photography to process them into amazing looking images.

Outdoor Photo walks & workshop with industry Professional

Stepping outside from your comfort zone is an essential part for a growing photographer. Photo walks & workshops are a fantastic way to improve your skills and try something new with people who are already working in photography field.

Developing Photography Portfolio

Developing a strong portfolio that establish your style, your range, and your skills it is your first point of contact for a potential client.

Course Duration

  • 3 Months


Critaria for Assessment

  • Individual student have to submit a photography portfolio by working on different theme/subjects as instructed by faculty.

Software Covered

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Lightroom

Career Opportunities

  • Photographer
  • Photo Editor
  • Photo Manipulation Artist

FAQs about Our Photography Course

What photography skills will I learn in foundation course?

This course is a foundation course, so all the basics of the photography will be covered in this course which will help you to bring your photography hobby in a professional way.

What is the duration of photography course?

3 Months

What equipment do I need to learn photography course?

Any type of DSLR or point and shoot camera will be needed.

I don’t have DSLR can I still learn photography?

Yes, you can learn photography without having any DSLR but make sure that at least you have a camera phone to take photos.

Will photo editing software training also be covered in this course?

Yes, two software will be covered for photo editing skills i.e. Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop.

What will I get when I get enrolled in the Foundation Photography Course?

A course module timeline and timetable will be shared with you. Before beginning, the classes, online and some offline learning resources will also be shared with you.

What is included in the Foundation Photography Course?

Yes, you can learn animation, but you need to takeout 2 to 3 hrs each day from your work schedule.

Is there an online mode of taking the Foundation Photography Course classes?

Yes, there is both online as well as offline mode of classes.

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