We at HIDA is happy to announce a 7-day documentary photography workshop from 20th to 26th October with Ashutosh Shaktan. The workshop is open to photographers and visual artists interested in exploring the visual language and different techniques involved in building a narrative.
This workshop is designed to explore the basic act of seeing and communicating through images in today’s era when so many images are being produced every day. It would be an exploration into the role of a photographer or any visual artist today when everyone has a camera in their hands.
During the workshop participants will explore what does it take to communicate through images and how to develop their own visual language by tapping their most basic instincts like love, fear, intimacy, empathy, anger, etc to tell stories which are important to them. So if you have a story to tell do apply.


13 apr


1 class




4,000 inr


11:00am - 1:00pm


Introduction to digital graphic design.

  • Identify each participant’s visual language and define their photographic approach.
  • Help to conceptualize, develop, realize, and finalize each participant’s project.
  • Discover photography culture.
  • Learn to critique the work of others, and one’s own, at both theoretical and practical levels.
  • Give advice and discuss how to present your work to school applications, publishers, prizes, etc.
  • At the end of the workshop every participant should have a story or a project to present at the final slideshow presentation.


20th October: Introduction and discussion on story ideas with each participant so that at the end of the day everyone has a story to work on.
21st – 25th October: Apart from everyday shooting every participant will have a one-to-one session with the mentor and there would be a group session of 1-2 hrs every day.
26st October: Slideshow presentation of the produced works and a closing party.


  • Any professional or enthusiast using photography as a means of artistic expression.
  • Creative art students looking for a different and complementary input to their studies.
  • Professionals wishing to widen their horizons.
  • Enthusiasts wanting to consolidate their photography skills.


All the participants will have to come with 1-2 story ideas to work during the workshop. the story idea can be about anything but should be feasible enough to be done within the timeline of the workshop.
All the participants should have a digital camera and a decent laptop to edit the work. don’t worry if you don’t have any high-end equipment, any digital camera would work as long as you’re comfortable with it.


Please send by Email:

  • 15-25 images from your portfolio or from a single series.
  • a motivation letter explaining why do you want to attend this workshop. (maximum 300 words) (pdf or doc)
  • a short bio. (pdf or doc)
  • Zip your files and send it to

For more information please feel free to contact us at
or call us at 0177-2843999, +918679900000, +917018049601

about the mentor

Ashutosh Shaktan was born in Shimla, India (b. 1989), and grew up in different towns all over North India. He is a documentary photographer based out of New Delhi, India. Before getting into photography he majored in labor studies from Delhi school of economics, University of Delhi and later studied photojournalism and documentary photography at Hochschule Hannover – university of applied sciences and arts as a part of the international class.
He mostly pursue personal projects for longer periods of time often using different visual techniques to document what he sees and feels. Some of the themes which can be seen in his work are intimacy, violence, sexuality, pain, and desire. He has been a participant of Angkor photo workshops where he was mentored by Sohrab Hura and Antoine d’Agata. He is also the recipient of Fellowship for photography Grant by Visual arts gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in 2015.