Motion Design Course

Course Overview

Motion Graphics Design course is designed for the students who want to take a fresh leap into the motion graphics world.  We cover all the major topics and concepts listed under the course syllabus that go into realizing abstract motion graphics ideas, plans, activities and 3D plans. The lectures are composed and delivered by the experts in the subject. The way to making remarkable work is nailing these three key territories: idea, plan, and execution.

This course will cover the center cycles engaged with conceptualizing and executing the best motion graphics arrangement, utilizing attempted and tried industry-standard strategies.

Start Date

Nov. 2022

Course Duration

8 months



Fee (Easy Monthly Instalments)

54,000 iNR

Course Modules-07


  • Students will start their journey in motion graphics with the fundamentals of design. Why design is important, role of design, fundamental and principle, traditional art skills, composition, perspective study, color theory, visual communication all will be covered.
  • Students will start their training with a précised syllabus of motion graphics (at our center in Shimla or online) with the fundamentals of motion graphics design while working across a wide scope of media, including film, promotion and web content etc.  Motion visual graphics designers make fine art and distinctive special visualizations that bring a basic piece of video substance to an altogether new level.

02 Introduction to Digital Graphics

  • In this module, students will learn to implement their previous module skills on a digital platform. Getting familiar with tools of Adobe Photoshop, understanding layer-based editing, creating selections, using the pen tool, etc.  Graphics is a digital image that can be utilized for a wide range of things, however the image doesn’t generally need to be utilized on electronic gadgets as it very well may be printed and utilized. A few instances of digital graphics are magazines, banners, logos etc.
  • In this module, students will learn to implement motion graphics skills on a digital platform. Getting comfortable with tools of Adobe Photoshop, understanding layer-based altering, making choices, utilizing the pen instrument etc.

03 Image Manipulation & Editing

  • In this module, students will understand the fundamental concepts of image editing. One will learn everything you need to know for creative picture editing. Image Manipulation techniques which are not just about taking photos, also about editing and enhancing them like a pro.

04 2D Illustration & Typography

  • Starting from the basics, the student will learn all the illustration & typography techniques using Adobe Illustrator, a standard illustration software used by the professionals for multimedia, print media, and online graphics. Learning Illustrator with HIDA opens up a whole gamut of tools for students to create sophisticated designs and illustrations.

05 After Effects Introduction

  • Adobe After Effects is the most commonly used tool all across the entire Motion Design industry. While introducing the after-effects students will take their first step in motion graphic design. This module makes learning After Effects easy and fun. Students will learn by performing real-world projects, getting feedback and direction from their mentor at every step of the process.

06 Advanced Motion Graphic Techniques

  • This module is focused on different types of motion graphics which are in on demand in media industry. Students will learn various techniques to demonstrate their idea in the form of motion graphic design. Advance topics from Adobe After Effects will be covered. In-class demonstrations and lectures on the topics and software used to establish motion graphic art will help the students to level up their skills.

07 Video Editing & Rendering Video

  • In this module, students will learn the key components of video editing. Students will get familiar with workspace of the software, project creation, timeline and recognize the process of rendering with multiple encoding methods.
  • Students will also learn to import clips into projects, understanding various video formats and how to edit and integrate sound in your motion graphic project.
Softwares Covered
Adobe photoshop CC
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator CC
Career Opportunities
  • Graphic Designer
  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • Illustration Artist
  • Photo Editor
  • Video Editor
  • Students have to submit five projects after the completion of each module as given by concerned faculty.
  • Students have to design a professional portfolio of keeping in mind the demands of the market and latest design trends.


Motion Graphic Design Course

Motion graphics are a kind of graphic design but also contain animation along with the design, usually without following a specific narrative.

Software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects are used to make motion graphic design.

At HIDA, you get a first-hand experience of its interdisciplinary learning approach that helps you in building a secure future. Various courses and programs are formulated to provide you with an environment conducive to an interactive learning experience. Our excellent faculty, modern infrastructure, experience with on-ground projects via interactive class assignments and work-oriented learning makes our curriculum a unique one where students get personal attention and an environment of technology-infused learning which can prepare them for their careers.

A course module timeline and timetable will be shared with you. Before beginning, the classes, online and some offline learning resources will also be shared with you.

Yes, there is both online as well as offline mode of classes.

Yes, we do provide free career counselling and demo session for each course before starting any short term or long-term course. For that, you need to register by filling the Free demo session form at the end of each curriculum.

HIDA is accredited with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) We are affiliated with Media & Entertainment Skill Council and the Curriculum is designed as per the Qualification Pack of MESC.

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